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Monday, 1 April 2013

Jack Bauer Is Off The Fucking Chain!!!!

Since signing up for this Netflix melarky I have got in to watching 24 and it's fucking amazing constantly gripping and action packed. And Jack Bauer is a fucking brute I'm telling you he's the missing expendable screw Jackie Chan for expendables 3 we need our Keifer Sutherland.

In fact whilst were on the subject he is an amazing actor and extremely underrated . I put it to you to think of one film he's been in that was bad because I can't .

Genius! Disagree if you dare !!



WOW!! Has it been a while!! I had almost forgot all about my little blog its been so long.... I'm sorry it took me a while to get back to you all. So what have you missed? Quite a bit to be completely honest ive got myself a career, decided to start my own business, got a netflix account and even settled down. Now before you all start moaning about my change of ways because it is fairly obvious by my last few posts i wasn't too keen on the whole relationship thing but hey i met the right girl. Now im not gonna go on and on about wow ive got a girlfriend and shes so this and shes so that because lets face it no one reads my extremely interesting blog for that. In fact no one should ever read anyone's blog if its gonna be like that! FACT! But bottom line is we get on so we got together simple as. end of. boom. But im back!! Im better than ever and ive grew up a lil since the last time. Not a lot but a lil and that's something to be proud of. Anyway im gonna shoot ill be back soon though i promise. As always cheers for reading!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

TheABlog - Lets Play Catch Up

Hey apologies for not writing in a while as it turns out i have been in hospital!! I know your all worried but fear not because as it turns out there is absolutely nothing wrong with me..... So they say. After all the time i have spent in hospital i have come to a very big conclusion... are you ready for it.......... I HATE HOSPITALS!!!! THEY SUCK BALLLLS GUYS!! I went in because my stomach was hurting and i dont just mean i had a tummy ache or anything i mean i was in extreme pain. Stayed in there for what seemed like forever and came out feeling awful. So yeah. Cheers for that. Im not gonna moan about doctors and nurses or anything because to be honest i think they do an awesome job 24/7 and i love nurses ;). After i got out of hospital i had a couple check ups at my G.P and it was all very very very very boring but the end result of it all was not finding out what the matter with me was... oh no. The outcome was that i lost my job because of the time off i had to have and the worst bit about it all is my cousin was my boss!!!! I mean seriously have you ever heard of a bigger ass???? So im basically gonna put a few rants on here over the next couple of days of the stuff ive been doing lately so look out for my tweets of my latest entries.

P.S your welcome for the picture guys :D Big Smiles


Merry Christmas

Thursday, 13 October 2011

TheABlog - Apologies and News

Evening followers,

First off let me apologise for being away for so long ive tried to get on but have been extremely busy but now IM BACK!!!!!!

Also a little bit of good news i have a new job!! Thats right ladies and gentleman im a career man now so get your congratulations on :D

Ill post a new rant on soon people dont you worry

Have fun!!

Monday, 15 August 2011

TheABlog - Women and Movies

Women, What a treat!

Love them, absolutely love them all beautiful in their own individual way.
One thing i just do not get though how come where i live they dont look how they look in the movies or on TV.

Especially in American Movies. I mean even the ones who are supposed to be an ugly is in reality fit. I dont understand it.

I tell you one thing if i ever get the chance im moving straight to hollywood because by the looks of it all the women are babes.I should become an actor that way id get to work with them.

Life changing decision there suddenly and the money is great. And you get to work on location most likely in the sun. Yeah thats that decided im going to be an actor.

Just thought i have no idea where to start on becoming a big time actor so yeah maybe i will just rely on you guys to hook me up. Maybe send me on holiday to hollywood as a christmas present. Or you could all just keep reading my posts and make me happy.

Your choice...... No pressure :)

Sunday, 14 August 2011

TheABlog - Red Dwarf

Good Morning Smegheads!!

This post is all about one of my all time favourite TV shows of all time. For those of you who arent aware of what Red Dwarf is its a Sci-Fi/Comedy based in the space ship called Red Dwarf hence the name. Anyway the reason i am posting this is because in 2009 Red Dwarf made a three parter because it loves its fans so much. This three parter must of showed everyone what they were missing out on since Red Dwarf had been off air because i have heard through the grapevine it is making a return to our screens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The cast is made up of Craig Charles an absolute legend in so many peoples eyes he plays the last human left in the universe. Chris Barrie an impressionist who played the role of an arrogant hologram. Danny John Jules an ex-dancer who scored the role of an evolved Cat with style. Finally Robert llewllyn played Kryten the witty android. All these make it hilarious and absolutely brilliant. I for one will be ready and waiting with my popcorn when it makes its well deserved comeback.

For those of you who still havent watched this show i suggest you do it right now, no messing around get it done.

Smoke me a kipper, Ill be back for breakfast!!

Friday, 12 August 2011

TheABlog - Twitter

Morning peeps ive changed my twitter name so follow me again haha

Im now under


Follow me and ill follow you right back :D