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Monday, 1 April 2013

Jack Bauer Is Off The Fucking Chain!!!!

Since signing up for this Netflix melarky I have got in to watching 24 and it's fucking amazing constantly gripping and action packed. And Jack Bauer is a fucking brute I'm telling you he's the missing expendable screw Jackie Chan for expendables 3 we need our Keifer Sutherland.

In fact whilst were on the subject he is an amazing actor and extremely underrated . I put it to you to think of one film he's been in that was bad because I can't .

Genius! Disagree if you dare !!



WOW!! Has it been a while!! I had almost forgot all about my little blog its been so long.... I'm sorry it took me a while to get back to you all. So what have you missed? Quite a bit to be completely honest ive got myself a career, decided to start my own business, got a netflix account and even settled down. Now before you all start moaning about my change of ways because it is fairly obvious by my last few posts i wasn't too keen on the whole relationship thing but hey i met the right girl. Now im not gonna go on and on about wow ive got a girlfriend and shes so this and shes so that because lets face it no one reads my extremely interesting blog for that. In fact no one should ever read anyone's blog if its gonna be like that! FACT! But bottom line is we get on so we got together simple as. end of. boom. But im back!! Im better than ever and ive grew up a lil since the last time. Not a lot but a lil and that's something to be proud of. Anyway im gonna shoot ill be back soon though i promise. As always cheers for reading!