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Monday, 15 August 2011

TheABlog - Women and Movies

Women, What a treat!

Love them, absolutely love them all beautiful in their own individual way.
One thing i just do not get though how come where i live they dont look how they look in the movies or on TV.

Especially in American Movies. I mean even the ones who are supposed to be an ugly is in reality fit. I dont understand it.

I tell you one thing if i ever get the chance im moving straight to hollywood because by the looks of it all the women are babes.I should become an actor that way id get to work with them.

Life changing decision there suddenly and the money is great. And you get to work on location most likely in the sun. Yeah thats that decided im going to be an actor.

Just thought i have no idea where to start on becoming a big time actor so yeah maybe i will just rely on you guys to hook me up. Maybe send me on holiday to hollywood as a christmas present. Or you could all just keep reading my posts and make me happy.

Your choice...... No pressure :)

Sunday, 14 August 2011

TheABlog - Red Dwarf

Good Morning Smegheads!!

This post is all about one of my all time favourite TV shows of all time. For those of you who arent aware of what Red Dwarf is its a Sci-Fi/Comedy based in the space ship called Red Dwarf hence the name. Anyway the reason i am posting this is because in 2009 Red Dwarf made a three parter because it loves its fans so much. This three parter must of showed everyone what they were missing out on since Red Dwarf had been off air because i have heard through the grapevine it is making a return to our screens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The cast is made up of Craig Charles an absolute legend in so many peoples eyes he plays the last human left in the universe. Chris Barrie an impressionist who played the role of an arrogant hologram. Danny John Jules an ex-dancer who scored the role of an evolved Cat with style. Finally Robert llewllyn played Kryten the witty android. All these make it hilarious and absolutely brilliant. I for one will be ready and waiting with my popcorn when it makes its well deserved comeback.

For those of you who still havent watched this show i suggest you do it right now, no messing around get it done.

Smoke me a kipper, Ill be back for breakfast!!

Friday, 12 August 2011

TheABlog - Twitter

Morning peeps ive changed my twitter name so follow me again haha

Im now under


Follow me and ill follow you right back :D

TheABlog - Riots

Morning all,

Lets talk riots.

How fucking stupid is all this. I missed out on work because of these idiots rioting pointlessley.
The people doing thi rioting are basically scruffs. Thats all they are scruffy bastards who live in disgusting flats on disgusting council estates who cant be arsed getting off their scabby arses and getting a job. Thats where i stand on this just a bunch of idiots. And it doesnt stop there. All these idiots are blaming it on the government saying their useless so were all gonna riot..... IDIOTS!! But it all actually started in London when a drug dealer gangster wannabee type guy pulled a gun or didnt pull a gun and was shot. Why riot??!?!?!!!?!?!?!! We are all gonna have to pay for these damages with our taxes. Fuck them all.

The image on the top right is of a shop in Manchester where girls buy some sexy clothes to wear and now the selfish rioters have ruined it for us all!!

At least one good thing came out of this. Enjoy this picture :)